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Twitter / Titian73: Thirsty / flirty fox ...

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12 Dec 2013
@Titian73 Thirsty / flirty fox @fleetstreetfox

How wealthy am I? Find out with our income comparison...

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9 Dec 2013
Want to know how your pay compares to MPs? Their starting salary is £66,396 at present. Contrast and compare

Twitter / History_Pics: Today in 1969, the first epis...


Twitter / History_Pics: Today in 1969, the first episode ...
Today in 1969, the first episode of Sesame Street premiered on tv. This is one of Jim Henson's designs of Big Bird pic.twitter.com/ZF2V3FGeb8

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11 Nov 2013

Recap: Big Six energy suppliers grilled by MPs over...

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30 Oct 2013
I've just spent almost 2hrs listening to a load of guff about energy bills, so look at what happened and SWITCH

Why prosecuting journalists for paying for stories is...

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11 Sep 2013
This, in @telegraph, is brilliant. Read if you have the least opinion or lack thereof on journos paying for stories

'She degraded an icon!' Foam finger inventor Steve Ch...


'She degraded an icon!' Foam finger inventor Steve Chmelar's fury as Miley Cyrus 'misrepresents' his creation
426 shares 'She degraded an icon!' Foam finger inventor Steve Chmelar's anger as Miley Cyrus 'misrepresents' his creation 426 shares He is certainly the type of person who likes to point the finger. So no wonder jumbo foam hand inventor Steve Chmelar has spoken out to slate the Miley Cyrus for 'degrading' his creation during her excruciating performance at the MTV VMAs on Sunday. The visionary was shocked when he saw how the 20-year-old popstrel phallically used the sponge device during her embarra...

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30 Aug 2013

Miley Cyrus can twerk all she likes, says Fleet Stree...

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29 Aug 2013
Miley Cyrus and Jeanette Krankie, together at last

Dick Van Dyke rescued from his blazing Jaguar car aft...

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20 Aug 2013
DICK VAN DYKE NEWS: Shitty Jag Goes Bang Bang.

Don't mention the war! Oh whoops: http://t.co/jwU22Se...


Wednesday, 23 January 2013 Don't mention the war. EUROPE. A word guaranteed to conjure up nothing but a slightly-bored sigh for most of us, and a slightly-irritated roll of the eyes for everyone else. That's because the idea of a European anything is exciting and interesting only to Americans, Nick Clegg, and other unusuals. Today the Prime Minister has forced a number of journalists to fight the urge to stab a pen in their own eyes while listening to him talk about Europe in a speech whose content...

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23 Jan 2013